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The best leaders throughout history have helped push the economy and their community forward in leaps and bounds. Without leaders to help guide the way, the world stands still. Great leaders manage their team and lead from the front, always striving to get the most out of others and themselves. 

With the Australian Concept Centre’s BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management learn the necessary skills and values it takes to become a strong leader in your community. Learn how to inspire others and yourselves alongside our Concept Development Program.


(Course Outline)


The BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management course is auspiced by South Regional TAFE (RTO code: 52790) and focuses on developing students skills in undertaking project work, presenting ideas and assessing the environment in which they work.

Added to the course are The Australian Concept Centres value added units (listed below). These units, alongside the main diploma course develop the students into real-world problem solvers and gets them ready to take the next step in their career, wherever that may be. In partnership with South Regional TAFE, VET FEE-HELP loans are available to eligible students.

Course Units

The Power of Emotional Intelligence (BSBLDR501 Develop and Use emotional intelligence)

Getting the Message Right (BSBLDR503 Communicate with influence)

A Guide to Better Meetings (BSBADM502 Manage Meetings)

Real Teamwork (BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness)

Build Better Workplace Connections (BSBLDR502 Lead effective workplace relations)

Moving Forward (BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan)

Build Innovative Workplaces (BSBINN501 Establish systems that support innovation)

Creative Work Environments (BSBINN502 Build and sustain an innovative work environment)

Marketing Trends (BSBMKG507 Interpret market trends and developments)

Intellectual Property – What to Know (BSBIPR501 Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business)

Risk and Business (BSBRSK501 Manage risk)

Managing Your Project (BSBPMG522 Undertake project work)


The Australian Concept Centre not only offers a nationally accredited course to their students, but whilst undertaking the course you will experience hands on opportunities to turn ideas into businesses in our Concept Development Program.

This program will put you through your paces in concept development. Working on new ideas that no one has thought of before and improving on old ideas to make the world a better place to live. You become the future thinkers of Australia.

Alongside working on new ideas we ensure your personal skills are developing too. By working on skills like resume writing, public speaking, personal attire, networking and a variety of workplace experiences, you will be  ‘career ready’ by the time you earn your Diploma qualification.


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RTO Code: 52790

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What will I learn doing this course?

This course will develop the industry skills and business knowledge required to work in a wide variety of businesses, or start your own. You will undertake accredited course work (Diploma Management and Leadership) as well as a customised experience in our ‘Concept Lab’ designed specifically to provide Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialisation training to support your ideas from concept to commercialisation.


I am not sure what I want to do – work, uni, TAFE or have my own business. Will this course be useful for me?

As well as gaining an accredited qualification (Diploma Management and Leadership) you will gain experience and access to opportunities to develop skills that are transferrable to the workplace, further education or successfully start your own business.


Will I get an accredited qualification if I do this course?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will gain a nationally accredited Diploma Management and Leadership.


I don’t just want some general course, I really want the opportunity to explore specific ideas. Will this course help me?

There are some general elements to this course, but the unique aspect of the course is that we can tailor the learning experience and environment to your skills and interests. Our wide industry network gives us the opportunity to provide mentors and work experience with leaders in a wide range of fields to customise the learning experience.


I have some good business ideas, but I am not sure how to make them work. How can this course help me?

During your time with The Australian Concept Centre you’ll gain industry experience working on new ideas and solutions for various industries. Our business mentors are eager to share their knowledge and support you as you transform your idea into a successful venture.


Will I get help from people in industry who are successful and understand the issues I face?

Our Innovation Network puts you in direct contact with people who know their business and understand the issues you face. You will be exposed to subject matter experts, industry events and challenging projects.


Will I get an opportunity to develop networks with other people?

You will get the opportunity to be part of a broader Innovation Network, as well as work collaboratively with other students to solve real world problems and develop new ideas.


Can I get assistance to pay for the course?

The course is delivered by arrangement with South Regional TAFE and is listed as an approved provider under the Commonwealth of Australia Higher Education Support Act 2003. This means our courses including bachelor degrees, associate degrees, and VET diplomas attract Fee-Help/VET Fee-Help for Australian students. Alternately, payment plans may be arranged if applicable.


How long does the course last?

The course runs for nine months. The first intake in 2017 will be in February.


How many days a week will I be required to attend?

You will be required to be on campus four days each week.


How do I apply or get more information?

simply go to the website and head to the contacts page for a direct link to our staff. They will get back to you within 48 hours to answer your inquiry. Alternately, you can phone directly on 08 9553 7075 to speak to a staff member directly.


What track record to the people behind this course have?

Dave Simmons is the Founder, Chairman and Lead Innovation Engineer of the Simmons Group of Companies. The group is a market leader in solutions engineering and innovation space and has resulted in being the ‘go to’ provider of innovative solutions. Dave has successfully delivered over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of projects for his clients.  Dave has a long string of business successes and accolades including a 40 under 40 finalist and Ernst & Young WA Young Entrepreneur of the Year.