At the end of 2014 CEO, Dave Simmons saw a change coming in the economy. It would change the way we do business, the way we seek business and the places we find jobs.

With a knack for creating successful businesses and finding new ways to solve enduring problems in the world, he set about creating somewhere people can become the next problem solvers of this country.

In less than a year The Australian Concept Centre has gathered national recognition and began teaching its course at the start of 2016.

What We Do

The Australian Concept Centre is hell-bent on teaching the effective methods for entrepreneurship and innovation to foster a new age of Australian business.

We don't care who you are, where you come from or what your passions are, we just want to support your success in the direction you want to travel.



‘This course has given me more options’

‘I am developing the skills I need to take me forward’

‘The facilitator makes it a good mix of theory and practical’

‘This course makes me better equipped for the future’

‘I feel empowered as a result of this course’

‘I am planning to start my own business, so this course is very helpful’

‘I am meeting new people and learning new skills’

How We Do It

We provide our Innovation Crew with a program comprised of two concurrent elements.

  • An accredited Diploma in Leadership and Management BSB51915
  • Our signature Concept Development Course

Both of these courses are completed concurrently which means at the end of the year you will earn a Diploma qualification as well as our Concept Development Certificate of Completion.

You also become part of the Australian Concept Centre's Innovative Thinkers Alumni, further expanding your network to support your achievements into the future.  

Ready to Kickstart Your Career?